616 Markers installed in time for Veteran’s day 2019!

Yes it is that time of year again. Last Sunday we were busy placing all the Markers along the City of Milton thoroughfares. Most likely you have already noticed them. 250 Markers are on Deerfield Parkway and there we have sleeves permanently in the ground. That facilitates the placing of the Markers.

In the Crabapple area we are waiting until all of the construction is completed before we place sleeves as well. We are now up to 616 Markers total!!!

Thank you to all of the volunteers that assisted in the effort.

If you would like to be involved, please get us your email so that you will receive the dates for both the placing and the retrieval. After Veterans Day we will retrieve the Markers on Sunday, November 17th. As usual, we will meet at two locations, one at the old Milton City Hall on Deerfield Parkway, and the other at the Commons area between City Hall and The Olde Blind Dog.

Excess property for sale:1 single axle trailer. That has the railing that we used the first few years.We also have a gasoline powered generator. 2000 watt, 98 cc. Very slightly used, like maybe one hour. That is the perfect size for tailgating or camping. If you are interested, I can send pictures or I can join you to inspect either or both items.

We are always welcoming assistance in making the Markers, painting the Markers, stenciling the Markers and the placing and retrieval process. I know of three individuals that have constructed and painted Markers for their relatives. Seeing them in the ground is an emotional journey. May your Veterans Day be filled with Memories and Patriotism.

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