605 and Growing…

Lots has happened over the past six months. The nominations for Memorial Markers have surpassed 605 and they keep coming. We received the new trailer before Veterans Day from the Olde Blind Dog.

We had to change our storage area for the trailers and fortunately found a covered storage site that we are leasing on an annual basis for a nominal fee. We have received donations that help a lot, and we are always welcoming more.

Justin DeCouto has started a Cornhole League supporting our non profit foundation. Thank you Justin. He also helps Bill with the Marker fabrication.

We have placed the single axle trailer for sale or in return for a donation. Please contact me if you are interested in the trailer or in the next item.We also have a 200 cc gas powered generator that is surplus to our needs. That is just the right size for tailgating by the way.

Our next expenditure is for additional flags to top out the new Markers and also to replace some of the worn flags that we have now.

The Milton Veterans Memorial Markers Inc. Is alive and doing well, but we need to ask for sufficient funds to purchase one more trailer toward the end of this year. We thank you all for the many kind words and all the volunteers that help in placing and retrieving the Markers.

Our next placing of the Memorial Markers in the City of Milton will be approximately 10 days before Veterans Day. Stay tuned.

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