About Us

The Milton Veterans Memorial Markers, Inc., is a 501 (c) (3) charitable corporation, raising money for the purpose of constructing, erecting, maintaining and storing the existing and future Memorial Markers.


The mission of Milton Veterans’ Markers, Inc. is to honor and recognize any deceased Veteran who was a Citizen of the City of Milton, or was related to any Citizen who currently resides in the City of Milton. The recognition and honor is conveyed by erecting Markers bearing the name of the Veteran and the conflict or period in which they served. They will continue to be displayed over the two National Holidays that honor Veterans: Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Any deceased Veteran of the United States Military, whose application complies with the aforementioned, shall have a Marker constructed and erected in their memory. 

Who We Are

When the City of Milton was formed in 2006, one of the citizens, Mr. Bill Lusk, decided to initiate a tradition to promote Patriotism, to instill a pride in the City, and to honor and recognize deceased Veterans from Milton. He personally purchased materials and constructed Memorial Markers; completing fifty the first year. Twice each year, for fourteen days over Memorial Day and Veterans Day, Markers are placed along some of the busier thoroughfares within the city. The first several years he accomplished all of this by himself. The names of the Veterans were obtained from a database developed by the City. As of May 2015, approximately 400 Markers were emplaced. 

As the tradition grew, volunteers joined to assist in emplacing the Memorial Markers and to remove them after each Holiday. Mr. Lusk was himself a Veteran of the Vietnam War, having served with the US Navy Construction Battalions (Seabees). This tradition, he deemed to be of value to the Citizens of this area and needed to be sustainable. An organization was formed in 2013 and registered with the State of Georgia. A 501 (c) (3) charitable organization status was granted in March 2015 by the Internal Revenue Service.

The purpose is to allow Milton Veterans Memorial Markers, Inc. to accept contributions, bequests, devises , transfers and gifts that can be deductible under IRS Code Section 170. A Board of Directors was formed to administer the mission. The Board is non-paid volunteers comprised of Veterans of various conflicts and concerned citizens. It is intended that the Board be so comprised such that this tradition is continued for future generations.


The Milton Veterans Memorial Markers, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) charitable corporation under the state of Georgia, is raising money for the purpose of constructing, erecting, maintaining and storing the existing and future Memorial Markers. A one-time application fee of $100 is requested for each marker to assist in deferring the cost of marker fabrication, maintenance and storage.

Application fees, donations, gifts and contributions may be mailed to:

Treasurer, Milton Veterans Memorial Markers, Inc.,
1955 Drummond Pond Road
Milton, GA 30004

All donations and contributions will be acknowledged with a letter qualifying the donor for charitable contribution under the Internal Revenue Service Code.

For questions, contact us at info@miltonveterans.org