Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the project started and by whom?

The Markers were initiated in 2007 by Bill Lusk, a Vietnam Veteran and United States Navy SeaBee. He decided to create a tradition in the newly formed City of Milton to promote Patriotism, instill Pride in the City of Milton, raise awareness of those who served in our Armed Services, and to recognize ALL Veterans who had a connection to the new City of Milton.

How are the Veterans chosen to have their names on the Markers?

Any deceased Veteran related to a City of Milton family (ie: Spouse, Parent, Sibling, Child, Grandparent), is qualified to be honored with a Marker. While we honor all veterans, time and effort are a limitation, so we are unable to include anyone except submissions by Milton residents. A Veterans Marker Application may be completed on the Register a Veteran Page on this website.

What is the charge for a Memorial marker?

A one-time application fee of $100 is requested for each marker to assist in deferring the cost of marker fabrication, maintenance and storage. Checks for Application Fees and/or additional Donations can be mailed to:
Treasurer, Milton Veterans Memorial Markers, Inc.,
1955 Drummond Pond Road
Milton, GA 30004

Is the project funded by the City of Milton?

No. The City does not provide financial assistance to Milton Veterans Memorial Markers Inc. (MVMM). The city does provide support with promotion of the program, and police escorts to ensure safety during the installation and removal of the markers.

How is the project funded?

Milton Veterans Memorial Markers Inc. is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization and is supported by donations of money and/or items in kind that are used in the construction, placement and maintenance of the Markers. In addition to the one-time application fee per marker, we rely upon additional funding of donations to support the mission.

Who governs the Milton Veterans Memorial Markers Inc.?

The Milton Veterans Memorial Markers Inc., is governed by a Board of Directors of community-minded, patriotic volunteers.

Do any of the members of the Organization receive any pay for their services?

No. None of the members of the Board of Directors or any other members of the organization receive any monetary compensation for their services.

Who manufactures the Markers?

All of the Markers have been made by Bill Lusk.

Once he has made the Markers, what happens to them?

The Markers are stored on trailers owned by the MVMM. The trailers are stored in covered space in Milton. They are displayed twice yearly.

Where are the Markers emplaced?

The Markers are along major thoroughfares in the City of Milton.

When are the Markers displayed?

The markers are displayed for two weeks starting from the weekends before Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

How can I find an individual Marker?

The Markers are sequentially numbered according to when the application was received by Bill Lusk. There is an alphabetical roster on the Find a Marker Page  on this website that shows the number assigned to each Marker. Each year there will also be a map of where in the City of Milton the Markers are located. Once you have found the Marker number, you can then locate the general location on the map. Each Marker bears its number on the top of the Marker which will aid you in finding the specific location.

Who places the Markers along the thoroughfares?

The Markers are emplaced and removed by volunteers. If you are interested in helping, please use the Contact Us form on this website.

Will I need any special tools or skills to help?

We recommend that you have work gloves and wear temperature- appropriate clothing, and bring along a smile.

How are monetary donations spent?

Annual expenses may include: Purchase of new materials for New Markers; for the maintenance of “old” Markers; purchase of additional trailers for the storage; transport and maintenance of the Markers; purchase of flags to place on top of the Markers; storage location for the trailers, etc. One Hundred Percent (100%) of all donations are used for the construction and maintenance of the Markers

How can I contribute financially?

Any donations can be mailed to: CAPT (ret) Clint Johnson, Treasurer, 1955 Drummond Pond Rd., Milton, GA 30004