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Please note: Markers are placed in sequentially numbered order.  Locations are approximate and may change without notice to suit conditions. Road construction on Highway 9 has precluded the installation of markers in that location until construction is completed.

This list is current as of 5/19/2024. If you would like to register a fallen veteran for the next installation, click here.

List of Fallen Veterans - Memorial Day 2024

Markers 1-125

Highway 9, East side, from Webb Road North to Entrance to Kohl’s

Markers 126 – 250

Highway 9, West side, from Merrywood Drive South to Webb Road

Markers 251 – 334

Birmingham Hwy, West Side, from Crabapple Community Church to Crabapple Road

Markers 335 – 452

Crabapple Road from B’ham Hwy to roundabout at Heritage Walk near The Nest.

Markers 453-570

Heritage Walk east side from Crabapple roundabout to roundabout at Birmingham Hwy

Markers 571-708

Heritage Walk, East side, from Birmingham roundabout to Crabapple Roundabout.

Markers 709-830

Center Median: Heritage Walk, center median, from Crabapple Rd roundabout to Birmingham Hwy roundabout.

Markers 831-857

Heritage Walk, South side, from Birmingham highway roundabout, Eastbound