Register a Milton Veteran

Thanks to many residents, Milton has amassed a list of living and fallen veterans. Please help us continue to grow this list and submit a veteran today.

Markers are placed on Deerfield Parkway and through downtown Crabapple the weeks surrounding Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Any deceased veteran of a Milton family is qualified to be honored with a marker. Information on living veterans will be used for recognition purposes. To learn more, visit our FAQ page.

To ensure a veteran is honored ahead of the upcoming Memorial Day 2023, please complete and submit the form by May 1, 2023. Submissions sent in after the deadline will be reviewed for a marker in time for the next installation.

Cost: A one-time application fee of $100 is requested for each marker to assist in deferring the cost of marker fabrication, maintenance and storage.

Checks for Application Fees and/or Donations can be mailed to:
Treasurer, Milton Veterans Memorial Markers, Inc.,
1955 Drummond Pond Road
Milton, GA 30004

For questions, contact us at

Please note this form and registration is for:
  • Living or Deceased Milton Resident Veterans, or
  • Fallen Veterans who are direct descendants (ie: Spouse, Parent, Sibling, Child, Grandparent) of a current Milton Resident.
  • Living veterans DO NOT receive markers. Information is recorded for future reference.

    Veteran's Information:

    *Veteran's Full Name (Living or Fallen)

    *Military Title/Rank

    *Veteran Military Branch

    Conflict(s) in which the Veteran served

    List the conflict if not listed above:

    Is the Veteran deceased? (only deceased veterans receive a marker)

    If deceased, please provide Date of Death:
    If living, is the Veteran a resident of Milton, Georgia:
    Requester Information:

    *Is the person completing this form a resident of Milton, Georgia? (Requirement is that the requester be a resident of Milton.)

    *Name of person completing this form:

    *Requester's Relationship to Veteran:

    *Requester's Phone:

    *Your (Requester's) Email:

    *Requester's Address

    If the veteran is a Milton resident, provide the Veteran's full address:

    Was the Veteran previously registered with the City of Milton as a living Veteran, but you are now changing status to deceased?

    Additional info: